Veronica Mars – the TV series: The Junk Shot

It has been several months since I have written any prose fiction. To get my feet a little wet, I decided that instead of diving into an unfinished novel, that I would play in someone else’s yard for a bit first. That led me to Veronica Mars.

I’d watched the awesome television series off and on when it was live and a little bit since. But I did not get in and break down the episodes as a writer. I enjoyed the series as a fan of detective fiction. So, I’ve been re-watching the series and creating a bible in the process.

What a great little show.

Originally, I’d made fun of the series, which gets away from the central premise as it goes along, a pet peeve of mine. After an outstanding first season, the quality drifts and it parallels the length of her hair. The shorter the hair on Veronica, generally speaking, the better the episode. This is an observation, and not for blame placement. I cannot imagine the kind of notes you could get on a show full of teens and the dark undercurrents present in that world. Now, this is all seen with the clarity of hindsight. I think you can love something and it helps to acknowledge the faults such as they are.

Amazon has acquired the rights to publish work that fits into the confines of the television series. Veronica Mars – the TV series is one of the many environments under the Kindle Worlds banner. So, I wrote a short story with Veronica looking for a girl that’s about to skip bail. For some reason, I found it easy to write dialogue for the bratty residents of Neptune.

I liked the process enough to try a couple more. The short story charted for a while and, to be honest, I missed that kind of attention. I have another story or two in the works. With luck I can drag one across the finish line a month for the next few.

For those of you scoring at home, and I hope you are, this would be Season 2, Episode 6.5

Someone asked me if this was Fan Fiction. I suppose it meets a definition there. If you’re going to play with a character you did not create, it helps to be a fan. The story’s fiction, but it’s not for shippers or slash fans. The Amazon people have rules in place and they check everything they put out into their store.

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