The Lost Lichtenstein

Once upon a time, I was enamored of hoaxes. I liked it so much that I wrote a mystery with an art hoax at the center.

That book is available for the Kindle. Here’s the pitch-

‘Lester Teal has a problem and he cannot go to the police. His wife Patricia is missing. So is a lost masterpiece by the famed pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. The painting called ‘So Long Batman’ is missing along with his wife. When the husband asks Arthur Quinn to sign a non-disclosure agreement, the amateur detective walks away and investigates the disappearance on his own.

Normally, Arthur Quinn spends his free time helping his friends and loose associates out of dire straits to soothe a guilty conscience. When he’s not managing his cash or tending bar, Quinn wanders the side streets of his beloved hometown of Austin Texas and parts beyond looking for trouble.’

In addition to spinning the mystery, I really enjoyed doing the research into Roy Lichtenstein. I love ‘found art’ and much of that spins out of pop art.

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