November is National Novel Writing Month and I’ve made a run at it a couple of times. As a result of my efforts over the past two years, I have two half-finished novels. Unfinished work is notoriously hard to sell. So this year, I’ll try finishing at least one of the three unfinished prose novels on my hard drive and doing a little work on the 124 page graphic novel that still needs a lot of panel descriptions on the back half.

One of the half-novels is a Quinn novel about a missing person that spun out of a nightmare I had as I was staying in a road-side motel on the drive back from the comic convention in San Diego. While asleep, I realized that I was in a dream and at some point awoke to see a person in the bed across from mine staring at me as I slept. As I sprung up ready for a fight, I awoke for real. So there I was flush with adrenaline in my hotel room. The Quinn novel grew out of that moment.

The other novel is a bit of a departure for me. It has a different protagonist and a different perspective. It’s a crime novel, but with a bit of a twist.

With each novel, I hit a point where I had no idea what came next and stalled there, high-centered on a plot point. For the annual contest/ stunt the novel is defined as 50,000 words. I’ll aim for those goals and see if I can finish something. Wish me luck. I’ll post progress here.

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